Website Promotion Blueprint – Law Firm Edition

The legal profession has become an extremely specialized art form. The volume of time needed to sift through endless case-law to understand the contours of adequately pleading and proving various claims or defenses can take decades.

This is especially true in the convoluted Federal Courts where even the circuits themselves cannot agree or consistently cite the proper standards of law.

Vague, open-ended opinions and malicious opinions that support the increasing restriction of power against the average American and in favor of megacorporations pile onto the books every day.

The general public has a deep distrust of lawyers and does not like being shuffled between BAR referral agencies and internet searches to waste their time with dead leads ultimately.

For an attorney who is willing to work hard and honestly to benefit his clients and make a respectable salary, the prospects for independent work can drive many attorneys into low-skill high-volume government jobs.

To build your reputation and attract serious clients, you need some dangerous traffic to your online website. The more that you can streamline this process and funnel in the consumers by demonstrating that you are different from the myriads of con artists preying on clients with steep consultation fees and uncertain results, the easier it is to cherry-pick the choice cases that build your reputation and pay grandly.

The biggest mistake that attorneys make is thinking that potential clients are naive, desperate and that they don’t have to be competitive because malpractice cases are rare. Many attorneys do not like to work with know-it-all clients and would much rather milk vulnerable people who trust them.

When that client is disappointed with the results, don’t expect any return business. And that is the reason why many attorneys become predatory because they know that obtaining results against certain corporate parties is an impossible battle.

The difficulty in persuading the courts to play fair without stepping on toes and facing a bureaucratic hierarchy can seem impossible. Having a high-volume business that allows you to select the most durable cases and command respect is the only solution.

We would like to discuss what marketing options are available for attorneys in the internet age and how they can quickly build up the type of work they love doing.

We would first like to discuss One400 – A law firm marketing company. One400 is dedicated to helping attorneys just like you comprehensively consider nuanced methods of expanding your share of the market. We have made a summary of the helpful advice that this company offers.

One400 is focused on keeping attorneys relevant by snapping them out of their traditional lead-generation methods. Print advertisements, bulk snail mailings, broadcasting over the television and radio networks, and cold calls are dead in the water methods of reaching clients.

These methods are far too broad to do anything more than burn through your advertising budget in a hurry.

The internet is the distinction between everything from hotels to successful bike shops in finding their clientele. But, creating a massive draw on the world wide web is not as easy as building a website and hoping people search for keywords by region and specialty.

There are significant measures that can be taken to one-up the competition on the internet.

Keep it Simple

Generating easy to read and digestible content for your law firm is one of the critical components of being successful. The legal field is loaded with legalese. While there is a balance between demonstrating that you are an expert in a field and readability, this balance is struck when the problematic elements of the topic are broken down for a broader audience to understand.

A folksy and creative colloquial style can retain attention better than technically perfect writing.

High-Visibility Website

Having a versatile and easy to find a website that ranks high on search engines is an extremely passive method of reaching your audience, let them come to you. While this direct method of marketing may accumulate a lot of hits, it also has the potential to attract a lot of tire kickers who are not serious about hiring an attorney.

Optimizing keywords to drive regional clients is the trick. If your law firm is in New York and someone from any other state or country in the world scans it, you have gained nothing.


One400 recommends that law firms generate leads by producing a lot of content blogs over 1,500-words for Google to increase the relevancy ranking on blog topics. This is your chance to show that you are a law professor on the subject who is capable of holding the attention of a general audience.

Email Marketing

After you have generated leads, you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. It is easy for visitors to get distracted and bury your website in a pile of contacts.

Using email programs to persuade potential clients that you are the right lawyer for the job is an effective method. Email that is used to regain relevance in a potential client’s busy life conveniently is positive.

Social Media

Facebook retargeting ads that remind visitors to your website about your services are viral and effective. LinkedIn is another place to publish expert opinions on current practices in your field of law.

Twitter campaigns are considered to be an excellent method of creating buzz over blogs you wrote. If the blogs encourage readers to contact you for further information ultimately or to keep informed, these will be the most effective at generating leads.

Interacting with Yelp users and maintaining quality reviews or seeking to resolve negative feedback will show that your business is proactive about its reputation and can attract clients who are distrustful of attorneys. You can Connect with Allen Rodriguez to help you with social media/internet marketing.

These are just a few of the great marketing tips offered by One440.

Branding is acquiring name-recognition and familiarity with your law firm so that people think of it being so synonymous with the field as Quaker is for Oatmeal.

Using these general methods can improve any business model. Branding strategies you can apply in 5 minutes or less are sure to rev up your long-term brand value.

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